Our Mission

We are a group of senior service providers in the Vancouver area who deliver a broad range of quality services and products to seniors and their families. Our mission is to improve the lives of seniors and the families with excellence, integrity and compassion.


Code of Ethics


The VANCOUVER SENIORS SERVICE PROVIDERS (VSSP) and its members shall maintain the highest level of ethical, legal and professional standards in the conduct of its business.   The Code of Ethics recognizes that VSSP Members have obligations and responsibilities to their employees, their clients, to Health Professionals and to the general public.  The purpose of the Code of Ethics shall be to establish and improve standards within the practice of providing services and products to seniors, their families and caregivers, and other providers of goods and services to the same.

 VSSP members are expected to strive to constantly conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the code.   To maintain the ethical conduct and integrity of this Association, a VSSP member pledges to abide by the following:


To Clients, and Funding Sources 

1.Members will provide quality products and services which are appropriate for the client’s needs and never knowingly condone or assist the dispensing, promoting or distributing or provision of products or services which are not of suitable quality, or which lack therapeutic value for the client. 

2.Members will protect the safety, health and welfare of  clients by recommending, purchasing , or providing appropriate services,  and products from reliable sources. 

3.Members will serve all clients regardless of gender, race, creed, national origin, sexual orientation, gender identify, or reason of illness. 

4.Members will avoid participating, directly or indirectly, with a source of client  referrals in a "captive referral arrangement,” whereby patient/client are directed to utilize a supplier of products or services in derogation of the patient/client  rights to select the service provider of their choice. 

5.Members will not promote or advertise false, misleading or wrong information to the public. 

6. All members shall maintain membership in good standing in a professional association appropriate to their service or industry should one be available.  Moreover, they agree to report any investigations into their practice or business by their professional association to the membership committee of the VSSP. 

7.Members will continue to expand and improve professional knowledge and maintain professional competency as dictated by their professional organization or governing body.

8.Members will instruct the patients and/or caregivers in the proper use of any equipment and/or services provided.

9.Members will explain fully and accurately to clients, therapists and/or  clients’ rights and obligations regarding products and/or services rendered.

10.Members will act and conduct business with integrity, honesty, impartiality and fairness.  

11.Members will accurately represent their education, qualifications and achievements without exaggeration. 

12. Members shall not undertake to provide specialized professional services that are outside their field of competence unless they engage the assistance of one who is competent, or unless the facts are fully disclosed to the client. 

13.Members will comply with all provincial and federal legislation and professional regulations regarding confidentiality and take action to safeguard personal information while collecting, recording, releasing, securing and disposing information. 

14. Members will stop providing services and/or remove rented products when they are no longer of benefit to the client or where they impact negatively on the clients, family, or caregivers as judged by the member’s professional ethics and training and standards.

 15.Members will protect the information and privacy of their clients in accordance with the relevant provincial and federal laws and according to the standards of their professional associations.

 16.Members will not tolerate and will report any form of elder abuse to the authorities.